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Welcome to the website for Priests with Courage!  PWC is an organization to help
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PWC is for everyone!  However, this website has Roman Catholic priests, seminarians,
deacons, and religious brothers in mind.  This site is a resource for research about
homosexuality (see our extensive links) and a help and support for priests who may be
chaplains for Courage, who minister to those who deal with same-sex attractions, or who
deal with same sex attractions themselves.  Those seeking the latest Church teachings on
the issue can find them here, as well other useful articles and essays.  

Membership allows for priests, seminarians, deacons, and brothers to enter into a spiritual
fraternity and fellowship with others, to share in the spiritual benefits of Masses offered by
priests in PWC and Courage, and to share information and resources with one another.  
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Ecce Agnus Dei: Priests are called to imitate the Lamb
of God and be priest-victims for the salvation of souls.  
Agnus Dei - Francisco de Zurburan (1598-1664).  
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Priests with Courage
Recommended Books
Clean of Heart is written for practicing Catholics who accept
all the teachings of the Church, yet are still ensnared by
pornography and self-abuse. There is hope! Through the
Sacraments, God provides all the grace one needs to become
pure. No matter how long one has indulged in pornography or
how deep one has sunk into the mire of vice, Our Lord can still
break the addiction! This bok is written from a Catholic
point-of-view. While Evangelical Christians have many books
and programs for pornography addicts, there are few titles on
the market for Catholics. Clean of Heart consists of fifty-one
daily meditations which draw from the power of the
Sacraments and the wisdom of the Saints.

Please visit to order.
Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of
Reparative Therapy
is the latest text from Dr. Joseph
Nicolosi regarding his work in the area of reparative
therapy.  Written primarily for psychologists and
counselors who work with men dealing with unwanted
same-sex attraction, he details the therapeutic techniques of
reparative therapy that he has developed over the past
twenty years.  Filled with many examples, he explains how
shame and attachment loss lie at the core of the
homosexual condition.  The book is practical in that the
steps leading through the process of grieving and the
healing of their wounding are very detailed and extensive.  

See the
NARTH website for more information as well as to purchase
The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction
A Comprehensive Counseling Resource
: The fruit of
years of training, research and counseling experience,
Janelle Hallman has drawn together a comprehensive
resource for those who are interested in understanding
and counseling women in conflict with same sex
attraction. In this ground-breaking work, Hallman sets
forth the unique dimensions of struggle that women
experience through the presentation of research,
interviews and clinical experience. This is an indispensable
guide for understanding and a manual for counseling adult
women seeking to "mature in giving and receiving love in
all of [their] relationships, and no longer be restricted by
destructive relational patterns."

You may purchase it
here from
In Memoriam
Father John Harvey

See his memorial